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Friday, April 11, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday the E Street Band was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame!!
Some days ago I developed a test about their induction. If you want you can do it here: R&HOF

Bruce was the person who inducted them and he gave a very wonderful speech. He talked about how the E Street Band was formed, who came first…
Danny and Clarence where both inducted but unfortunately they couldn’t be there. Bruce made an special mention to them and remembered the day he and Clarence met for the first time (the blowin’ door story).

They played Kitty’s Back, The River (as one favorite of Clarence) and The E Street Shuffle.
It was a very emotional night and each band member was with his family there.

 Adele was there too! (pic @mpslater)

 Patti arriving at the Hall of fame (pic @mpslater)

The E Street Kids!! From left to right: Evan Springsteen, Olivia Tallent, Ryan and Alex Bittan, Jay and Ali Weinberg and Isaac Tallent.
(pic @oliviatallent)

Bruce and Patti sons: Sam, Evan and Jessica Springsteen (pic @jsprings)

The inducted ones!!!! Some of them because Patti does not apear and Danny and Clarence are missing!

Victoria Clemons honoring her husband!!

Clarence Clemons sons Charles and Jarod (pic @clarenceclemons)

Here I’ll attach you the videos of Bruce’s speech, the song performances and some pics of the night.

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