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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Dear Bruce fans,
yesterday Bruce and the E Street Band played in Atlanta, Georgia!! Unfortunately I wasnt there but looking at the set list and by the comments of fans who were there, I know it had to be a fantastic show!!
Bruce said at the begining of the show that he was in "a The River kind of mood" and it was true becouse he played a lot of songs of that double album (Jackson Cage, The Ties That Bind, Independence Day, Cadillac Ranch, Ramrod, Drive All Night and Point Blank).

In addition to these jews, bruce played a lot of songs form his last two albums and he played Tougher Than The Rest!!

The only missing thing for me was Thunder Road!! He did not play that song in the encore neither at the end of the show!!
To finish the night the band played again highway To Hell!!

I love almost all the songs that were played last night so now I'm gonna wait a few days and I will download the show!!

Take care of your selves :)

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