High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Monday, November 25, 2013


Dear Bruce Fans,
I'm so glad to tell you that Bruce is going to release a brand new album on 13-14 January 2014. Afer too much months of waiting, finally they have announced the date of the new album release.
It's called HIGH HOPES, as the single published today! The cover will be that one:

The track list is:

1.- High Hopes
2.-Harry's Place
3.- American Skin (41 Shots)
4.- Just Like Fire Would
5.-Down In The Hole
6.-Heaven's Wall
7.- Frankie Fell In Love
8.- This Is Your Sword
9.- Hunter Of The Invisible Game
10.-The Ghost Of Tom Joad
11.-The Wall
12.-Dream Baby Dream

The date of the reheasal will be released too a deluxe edition with a concert record of the Born In The U.S.A album played on the Hard Rock Calling in 2013!!!

In the Bruce official page you will find a letter where he has explained every song of the new album!!!

And finally we have the new official video of the single/song High Hopes!!

Now we have to wait to new tour announcements!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This week's poll is about favourite kind of touring!! 

Let's vote at the right side of the site!
Remember that Bruce said us that we have to keep the fire burning!!!


This week, Bruce has post a new tour video! The song is Secret Garden from de Blood Brothers album!

I love that song because is so soft and tender. But now, let's think a little bit about that. High Hopes was recorded as the same time as Secret Garden!!!! Is the Bruce manegements trying to say something to us?¿?¿
We'll see!!

No Surrender

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hopefully, the official Bruce Springsteen website, has confirmed that the HIGH HOPES single will be released on November 25th.
The cover will be that one: 

But that is not all!! There are new rumors that affirm that before the main album, Bruce is going to publish the TRACKS 2, which will include some unreleased tracks!!

We are waiting for more official comfirmations but untill now, all the rumors had became true! So till we meet again, STAY HARD, STAY HUNGRY, STAY ALIVE!!!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poll Of The Dice

This week poll of the dice is about the albums covers. What is you favourite?
If you wantm you can leave a comment here explaining all of us your reasons!!

Thanks and see you further on up the road or if you want, we can meet on twitter to: @MargaridaBruce


Regarding the most reliable sources, the rumor of the new Springsteen album is heading up a lot these last days. Acording to a Danish website, the 19th or 25th November, will be released a new Bruce single called "HIGH HOPES" and the 25th will possibly be announced the date of the album publication. 
Yesterday, a video of the co-writen song of Bruce and Joe Grushecky "Homestead" went out and it seemed to be on the next album with High Hopes and Dream baby Dream.
But all these things are rumors and the official page hasn't said nothing related to this.

All of us hope that this BIG rumor became true and that a new album will be in our hands as soon as possible!!

To hear the Springtseen version of Homestear go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmmxYCR52rY

Monday, November 11, 2013


As I told you las week I'm going to start a brand new section in the blog called POLL OF THE DICE, in that, every week I'll try to update a new Bruce question!!!!

All the polls will be posted in the right side of the blog! Hope you enjoy it and have fun!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Rumor of a new album

Every day, the rumor of a posible Springsteen album rise. Today the independent had published a new about that! http://www.independentpeople.com/rumour-new-bruce-springsteen-album-in-january/ in this, they say that the posible album would be released in January!
All of hope, wish and pray that this rumore become true!
What's your opinion about that?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle

Today 5th of November, is the 40th birthday of the The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle Bruce Springsteen album. In 1973 Bruce released his firs album and eleven months later he published the second one. This record is an "underrated" Bruce work because it comes before Born To Run and it hasn't got the "hits" or the rythm of Greetings From Asbury Park N.J, insted of that is an album that hides a lot of beautiful and tender love storys. Inside we can found a lot of different kind of lifes.

Inside Sandy we can read and listen the story of two wild lovers that are not pretty sure if their love can be forever or it is only a summer love. The boy fall over with a waitress of the shore and they roll an amazing and soft story.

In Kitty we can discover the tale of a boy who has just read in a publish display that his lover Kitty is back in town and that she comes now.

Wild Billy is a tender story about the life in a Circus, how they can live with the presures and dificults of living this kind of life.

The next song is a perfect balad that contains all the romanticism of the record. Spanish Johnny and Puertoricane Jane star the story of a diferent kind of couple. Both of them know that their love will not last forever because he is a romantic, young and bad boy that only ever want to do is fight and do some easy money. At the end of the song, when the piano, the violin and Bruce's voice mix we can think that Spanish Johnny and Puertoricane Jane could have a diffetent but happy ralationship together.

Rosalita is probably the hit of the album because is the song that will close all the sows till Born In The U.S.A. This song teach us how the main characters become free. The parents of the girl don't want that the boy go on with his daughter because he plays in a rock and roll band and they think that he does not have any money. Throught the dificulties his relationship go on and his love doesn't seem an anormal relation.

The song that close the album is always the favourite of the public when he hardly ever plays. NY City Serenade sounds a little bit operistic and the acustic guitars and the piano make a softly mix. The lyrics told us that if you strug to do something you can get it. And that things are not always as they seem.

The first song is probably the most active. And it always says us that to have fun we have to do the E STREET SHUFFLE!!!!!!

Hope all of you love this record as I do because behind the sad eyes that Bruce hide in the cover, there are a lot of stories that are waiting to be known and discovered!!!!

Last Poll

The time to said which is your Bruce favourite album in the survey of the right has finished! The results were very diferent. The ones you choose were:
The Wild, the innocent and the e stree shuffle
Born To Run
The River
The Rising

For me, all of them are fabulous albums and I know what do you love of each other because all have got "masterpieces", great lyrics and the Bruce that we all LOVE!!


Next week, I'll create a new department on the blog where every week I'll ask you a Bruce question about songs, lyrics, experiences you've got...

By the time, you have any proposal to make?¿? If you wanna leave a comment, do it at the end of every update!!

See ya' forther on up the road


In the last weeks, the official bruce page has lent us more videos from the tour, the first was This Hard Land from Kilkenny with the last words on stage and the second one was Local Hero from Leeds!
In my opinion, Local Hero sounds very well with the ESB and I would like to listen to it more often!!!

What's your opinion?¿?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BDBWv3RYRY (THIS HARD LAND)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELEGhf7dMJw (LOCAL HERO)

And till we meet again, Stay hard, Stany hungry, Stay alive and if you can, meet me in a dream of this hard land!!!


As a  thank you to the fans, here is a special video compiled from the Wrecking Ball tour and set to a new studio recording of the Suicide song “Dream Baby Dream.”  The video was edited by Thom Zimny and shot by Chris Hilson. This is for us dear Fans! From Bruce, to US.

The video was followed by a beautiful letter you can read in his official page: www.brucespringsteen.net

First of all, I wanna thank you all of us that have visited my page recently. I've been a little busy but I in the future I'll try to update more often!!!!

Some sources told me that an Springsteen album is almost ready and that it'll be published the next year. The official page haven't said nothing about that but all of us hope and pray to have a new album as soon as possible!!!!!