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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Dear Bruce fans,
yesterday Bruce and the E Street Band played in Atlanta, Georgia!! Unfortunately I wasnt there but looking at the set list and by the comments of fans who were there, I know it had to be a fantastic show!!
Bruce said at the begining of the show that he was in "a The River kind of mood" and it was true becouse he played a lot of songs of that double album (Jackson Cage, The Ties That Bind, Independence Day, Cadillac Ranch, Ramrod, Drive All Night and Point Blank).

In addition to these jews, bruce played a lot of songs form his last two albums and he played Tougher Than The Rest!!

The only missing thing for me was Thunder Road!! He did not play that song in the encore neither at the end of the show!!
To finish the night the band played again highway To Hell!!

I love almost all the songs that were played last night so now I'm gonna wait a few days and I will download the show!!

Take care of your selves :)

New Test

Hi again Tramps,

yesterday I developed another tests for you!! It's about Bruce lyrics, albums, songs... Hope you enjoy it!! Click here to do it


Dear Tramps,
sorry I haven't uploaded the blog in some days but I have been very bussy!!!! Hopefully I'm back on the net again!!!
Yesterday was the 9th birthday of the Devils and Dust album. That was a long time ago and nowadays this album is still very actual!
The song that gives the tittle to the album is amazing (as most of you know), those lyrics are stunning and the guitar moves the song to a higher level!!
Long Time Comin' is one of may favoutire of the album too!! It's a beautiful song and bruce should play it more often!!!!
But the song with the most dirty lyrics of the album is Reno!!! It's a funny song that always make me think about what did inspire Bruce to wrote it....

Do not doubt it and listen to that album now you will get on a fantastic trip through Bruce's music :)

Friday, April 11, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday the E Street Band was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame!!
Some days ago I developed a test about their induction. If you want you can do it here: R&HOF

Bruce was the person who inducted them and he gave a very wonderful speech. He talked about how the E Street Band was formed, who came first…
Danny and Clarence where both inducted but unfortunately they couldn’t be there. Bruce made an special mention to them and remembered the day he and Clarence met for the first time (the blowin’ door story).

They played Kitty’s Back, The River (as one favorite of Clarence) and The E Street Shuffle.
It was a very emotional night and each band member was with his family there.

 Adele was there too! (pic @mpslater)

 Patti arriving at the Hall of fame (pic @mpslater)

The E Street Kids!! From left to right: Evan Springsteen, Olivia Tallent, Ryan and Alex Bittan, Jay and Ali Weinberg and Isaac Tallent.
(pic @oliviatallent)

Bruce and Patti sons: Sam, Evan and Jessica Springsteen (pic @jsprings)

The inducted ones!!!! Some of them because Patti does not apear and Danny and Clarence are missing!

Victoria Clemons honoring her husband!!

Clarence Clemons sons Charles and Jarod (pic @clarenceclemons)

Here I’ll attach you the videos of Bruce’s speech, the song performances and some pics of the night.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Willie Nile

Dear Tramps,
here I am on the road again but not to talk you about Bruce! Well, the person who I wanna talk you is a Bruce friend. Is a singer and songwritter from New York and stage partner with Bruce.
That musician is Willie Nile!!!!

Last weekend he came to Catalonia with his tour American Ride. Unfortunately I couldn't go to the show but a very good friend went. Before the gig I asked him to record the songs that I loved the most: Sunrise in New York City and One Guitar!!
I knew he would made very good videos because he has a lot of experience recording some songs in Bruce shows. But my surprise was that he told me that he had redorded the full show!!!!!!

Here I'm attatching the likns to the videos he made!! Watching them I've realised that it had to be a special show and a special night!! Willie was full of energy and joking about Bruce's crowdsurfings, he said some words in spanish and everybody had fun there!!
As I've told you, one of my favourites songs by Willie is One Guitar, the video is awesome and the song presentaion that Willie did is very beautiful.

See the videos which my friend has posted, they are really good and I'm sure you will enjoy them :)

Do not doubt and follow him on twitter: @vfeneboss and subscribe to his youtube page, completely worth it for a music lover!

So I wanna thank you Vic for all the videos!!

Here you have the some of the links of the songs of the show!!!
Click here to see all of them!!!!

Hard Times In America                               

Far Green Hills