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Monday, January 4, 2016


Dear Tramps!!!

I want to tell you a great new!! I am running a new brand blog page called: BLOGGING IN THE STREET!

Due to my gripping interest in music, i have decided to upgrade and update the contents and the frame of my blog. That's why I will no longer post on this blog! The same contents and more will be there!
However, this blog will remain the way it is now so if somebody wants to reread something will always be able to find it here!

So this is not a goodbye, it's a see you right now on https://blogginginthestreet.wordpress.com!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Born to Run Anniversary!

Hey Tramps! This is Laura! Yep, right I am not Margarida, I am her sister! But, let me introduce myself and explain the reason why I am writing here!

My name is Laura (@LauraBTR_Bruce) and regarding Born to Run release 40 years ago today, Margarida challenged my to write a post on her blog! Yet, I have to admit that I am not used to write in blogs and also I admire a lot the posts that she does, so for me it's a doble challenge, write about Bruce's best masterpiece and write in my sister's blog! My sister and I thought many times about me writing in her blog, so, is there any better occasion to do so?

What can I say about the Born to Run album that has not been said yet? Perhaps everybody has his story and ties related to this album that makes it the best music art in the world! I remember a post my sister did about the songs that are in the album, describing every and each song and her feelings through them! I cannot explain better what I feel when Born to Run is played in my IPod! 

But let me tell you something, I am sure everybody will agree with me when I say that the best way to enjoy most of this album's songs is turning the speakers loud! Then, when Bruce and the E Street Band seem to be playing in your living room is when you realize that love exists, that you only need to listen, dance, learn, cry and feel! Not every song requires a dance you know, I can imagine myself listening to Thunder Road without moving any part of my body except a tear coming down my cheeks and then close my eyes and think that the best song ever written in this world was written by Bruce!

This mixture of joy and saddness hidden in Bruce's songs is what I love the most! I think that this perfect contrast of energy and reflection is what makes Born to Run the greatest soundtrack of my life! I believe in Bruce's words and I also reckon that a life with only joy and without sadness is dangerous but also joy without hope is dangerous too! So, the best of both sides is what life's about, is Born to Run philosophy! 

BTR is a scream to the world  by the hand of a young Jersey boy who was BORN TO RUN! Born To Run saved Bruce's career 40 years ago today and some years later has saved a lot of souls because now and forever TRAMPS LIKE US, BABY, WE WERE BORN TO RUN!!  

Hope you all have enjoyed this reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! I also want to say a big thank you to my lovely soul sister for letting me this chance of posting in her blog! 

Hope you all enjoyed, till we meet again, take care!

With all the love in my soul,

Laura R. xxoo

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Today is August 16th. This may seem quite a normal day for a lot of people, but it isn’t for a lot of us, rock and roll lovers. On this day back in 1977, newspapers all over the globe had the same message in the cover: “Elvis Presley has died”.  This news left in shock all his fans, who could not believe that the KING OF ROCK AND ROLL would never sing on stage again.

A lot of people usually ask me: “Why do you like Elvis that much?”  My answer is always short, simple and direct: “Because he IS the king”. Now I am going to give more little details about the reasons that lead me to say that.

Elvis was not only a singer, he was THE singer. He opened up a new way of creating, dancing and enjoying music. He told us to move our hips and enjoy the rhythm around. His moves were not well received for everybody and that’s why in most of the TV programs he went, his image appears cut by his hips so we cannot see his leg moves.
Apart of his moves, his voice was special. As most of critics and producers say, he was a white boy with a black voice. That deep voice helped him to move us in each and every song. During the 50’s, that young and sexy boy from Mississipi changed music in each and every single way. He broke the rules, put every person up and started stirring up the building.

The bad side of the story is that someone that creates something of that size in such short time and short age is likely to become a character instead of a person. I think that this is what happened to the world. Everybody forgot that Elvis Aaron Presley was a person with his own life and treated him like a character inside and outside stage or recording studios. He loved his job and the proof is that he did not quit the road life but I am sure that he would have appreciated a bit of air and space from the whole world, who only wanted him to act, sing or dance.

Coming back to my reasons of my love for him, another artist joins the scene: BRUUUUUUUUCE!!! I got into Elvis music thanks to Bruce. Bruce said that thanks to Elvis appearance in the Ed Sullivan Show, he decided that he wanted to be like him and move and play the guitar like him. A lot of times, Bruce has played Elvis songs live and he even wrote a song for him: FIRE! So for me being fan of Elvis is getting to know a little bit more about Bruce and his music influences.

But the main reason why I love Elvis is because I could not help falling in love with him. Every time I see videos of him, I love the way he steps the stage, that confidence but tenderness at the same time is what made him big. He lived his life in his own and unique way.

Do I have a favorite Elvis song? Kind of. Maybe “IF I CAN DREAM” can occupy that 1st position because every time I see Elvis mentioned, I hum the same lyrics:
“We are lost in a cloud with too much rain; we’re trapped in a world that’s troubled with pain. But as long as a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul and fly”
I don’t know if it is because of the music or because of the lyrics but one thing is for sure, it is because of the memories.

The world wasn’t ready to hear that Elvis had left the building the 16th of August of 1977, and neither would be now. My opinion? With only 42 years, Elvis had done more than 30 films and recorded more than 711 songs and that is a lot. I think that all was getting him crazy so he just disappeared. I know that there is a lot of conspiracy around and this is what I think about it. Elvis left our world in 1977 but he did not left his aloha world then.

As I said in the last Blog post about Clarence, someone who has been that big in so many ways never die. People will always remember them and keep them alive.

So this is all for today, grab your ipod, turntable or CD’s collection and start listening to some rock and roll. Then, if you like it, start dancing and you’ll see that life is a little bit better with a cool soundtrack around.

Till we meet again take care of yourselves, 

and Elvis, if you are out there you must know that we are still looking for you! ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Dear tramps,

It is obvious that we all love Bruce, but I know we love everything about him: his music, his attitude, his character, his lyrics, his ideology and his way of living. For a musician it is not easy to achieve that from fans and that is what makes him big.

Since the beginning of his career Bruce has been telling us a specific story. As Jon Stewart said: “when you listen to Bruce you are not a loser, you are a character in an epic poem about losers.” He made us feel part of a big thing, part of a community, Bruce I mean, not Jon Stewart. And in that big nation, each and every mood is understood. If you are happy and full of joy you will always find a song to enjoy and if you are opposite, you will always find a song, an album or a Bruce period of life to relate to. I think that that is the key point. Bruce songs were written from the bottom of his heart, he put down in words what his soul was feeling and that’s why every song can be special in a specific situation. Personally, when I am feeling happy, powerful and excited for the future I love to listen to Rosie. When I am moved for what will happen next but I feel nostalgic about what I had lived I listen to Sandy and when I feel like giving up I listen to The Rising.

In a lot of moments of my life where I have to take a huge decision (lately I’ve had a few) I ask myself: “What would Bruce do here?” And I just have to press the “play” button and the answer comes fast.

“We can make it if we run”
“Blow away the dreams that tear you apart”
“Talk about a dream, try to make it real”
“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”
“Someday, we’ll get to that place where we really wanna go”
“I’m tougher than the rest”

Just a few words, just a melody or just a title track are enough to help you clear your mind. Don’t you listen to the sax solo of Jungleland and feel that every broken piece is brought back together? I do.

And this is where I wanna arrive today. Although there are a few stages where I do not listen a lot to Bruce’s music, he is always present. With Bruce I discovered music and with music I discovered a lot of artists. Thanks to Bruce I got into Billy Joel, Lou Reed, Southside, Elvis, Elton John and many other artists music. As I told in a previous blog post, thanks to Racing I discovered the whole Bruce world and thanks to Bruce I am discovering a lot of music. This is an unstoppable chain.

Bruce has taught me a lot of different and important lessons of live. Lessons of love, lessons of respect, lessons of forgiveness, lessons of friendship, lessons of fear, lessons of roots, lessons of carrying on… He is not just a musician; he is a friend, maybe my most precious one. Many times I do not dare to tell what is happening or what I am feeling and so I do to Bruce. Every time I put on a song I put it for a reason so in a weird way, Bruce knows all about me.

A few months ago I read a very interesting thing that Bruce once told in an interview (sorry, I do not remember which one). There he talked about life and about the importance of the way we live it. I know I am very young to start thinking about life but I guess that this is what happens when your idol is a 65 year old man! Then your perspective on life changes and you find beauty and happiness in little details that people around you do not see or share.
Well, Bruce compared our way of facing life as if we were inside a car. Our old ourselves will always stay in that car to remind us who we are and what have we achieved but at the same time new ourselves will come in that car. He pointed out that what was really important was “the our self” that was driving. Sometimes it is cool to let our young us drive as long as our old us is there to tell him the right direction.

What I want to tell you with that? I don’t know. It is just that I find awesome the way that Bruce is influencing me. Someone said that there are two days that are important in a person’s life: the day he/she is born and the day he/she discovers why. So I wanna thank you Bruce to give me my second important day.

Why I was born? I still don’t know, but there is one think I am completely sure about: I WAS BORN TO RUN!

After knowing that there is only one thing I can do: tie up the seatbelt and enjoy the rollercoaster that life is because the train of hope and dreams is about to strip. Welcome to heaven’s door.

Till we meet again, take care of yourselves!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Dear tramps,

It was a dark and stormy night…. the story that followed these words was big. As Mr Springsteen said, it was bigger than the one he could have ever told by himself.

On that dark and stormy night, a little guy was playing on a stage somewhere in Jersey when the door of the bar blew off. Then, a majestic and big silhouette bumped into and asked him to play with his band. The little guy could not refuse the proposal from that Big Man. That night the stars lined up and every loose end seemed to tie right. What followed next was house rocking, pants dropping, brain-shocking, earth quaking, booty-shaking, sexifying, electrifying and legendary. Ladies and gentlemen, that night the change was made uptown because the BIG MAN joined the band.

A friendship larger than life itself began and today we are here as testimonies of it. Sadly, four years ago today the Big Man left us but I am sure that we will meet again along other rivers, in other cities, in other fields where we will once again pick up that work and get it done. We may miss the physical part of Clarence today but his spirit, love and passion are still and will always be with us.

C lived a full life. He smiled and he cried but he did everything with joy and passion. Every night that he took the stage, he proved that he was a Temple of Soul and that there was something, maybe an unnatural feeling that was making us feel part of the same unique world at that moment. The power of his saxophone was something extraordinary. He blew every note of every song in a way that it seemed easy. As he said, he was just blowing and then the soul started creating, the love started appearing and the music started flowing.

I strongly believe he was not from the earth we know. Clarence transmitted peace in every word, preached love in every note and showed soul in every move. He taught us a lesson of life that we will never forget. He was more than a man, more than a musician, more than a saxophonist: he was a Temple of Soul. And we were the lucky pilgrims that could get in.

The real proof that C is still with us can be seen in every ESB show. The first gig I attended after Clarence's dead was very emotive and corroborated me that Clarence was still with us here. As Bruce said: "If you are here and we are here, he is here". Jake did a perfect performance but the tears started flowing when in the middle of Tenth Avenue, the music stopped and images of Clarence appeared. The feeling was true, the missing was real. The hardest thing was to realize that Clarence was not there playing. However, you could feel his spirit in the stadium.

Do you think that someone as Big as him can vanish and disappear in only one day? I don’t think so. That’s why I am saying that he hasn’t left us yet. The simple act of thinking of him, the simple act of hoping to hear again that “Do I have to say his name?”…. this is what makes him eternal. Anybody really does not die till the last person who remembers him dies. That’s the reason why I believe he is still here. He is still with us, playing with the angels and blowing that sax from up above but he is still doing it for us.

He was joy and that’s why we will always remember him in a joyful way. However, how big was the Big Man? Too fucking big to die. But remember, Clarence does not leave the E Street Band when he dies, he leaves when we die.


Eternal love for you C!!!! Thanks for the joy you’ve given me!!

Till we meet again, take care of yourselves!

Today I leave you with the speech that Bruce gave in honor to Clarence. It’s worth a read:

I’ve been sitting here listening to everyone talk about Clarence and staring at that photo of the two of us right there. It’s a picture of Scooter and The Big Man, people who we were sometimes. As you can see in this particular photo, Clarence is admiring his muscles and I’m pretending to be nonchalant while leaning upon him. I leaned on Clarence a lot; I made a career out of it in some ways.
Those of us who shared Clarence’s life, shared with him his love and his confusion. Though “C” mellowed with age, he was always a wild and unpredictable ride. Today I see his sons Nicky, Chuck, Christopher and Jarod sitting here and I see in them the reflection of a lot of C’s qualities. I see his light, his darkness, his sweetness, his roughness, his gentleness, his anger, his brilliance, his handsomeness, and his goodness. But, as you boys know your pop was a not a day at the beach. “C” lived a life where he did what he wanted to do and he let the chips, human and otherwise, fall where they may. Like a lot of us your pop was capable of great magic and also of making quite an amazing mess. This was just the nature of your daddy and my beautiful friend. Clarence’s unconditional love, which was very real, came with a lot of conditions. Your pop was a major project and always a work in progress. “C” never approached anything linearly, life never proceeded in a straight line. He never went A… B…. C…. D. It was always A… J…. C…. Z… Q… I….! That was the way Clarence lived and made his way through the world. I know that can lead to a lot of confusion and hurt, but your father also carried a lot of love with him, and I know he loved each of you very very dearly.
It took a village to take care of Clarence Clemons. Tina, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for taking care of my friend, for loving him. Victoria, you’ve been a loving, kind and caring wife to Clarence and you made a huge difference in his life at a time when the going was not always easy. To all of “C’s” vast support network, names too numerous to mention, you know who you are and we thank you. Your rewards await you at the pearly gates. My pal was a tough act but he brought things into your life that were unique and when he turned on that love light, it illuminated your world. I was lucky enough to stand in that light for almost 40 years, near Clarence’s heart, in the Temple of Soul.
So a little bit of history: from the early days when Clarence and I traveled together, we’d pull up to the evening’s lodgings and within minutes “C” would transform his room into a world of his own. Out came the colored scarves to be draped over the lamps, the scented candles, the incense, the patchouli oil, the herbs, the music, the day would be banished, entertainment would come and go, and Clarence the Shaman would reign and work his magic, night after night. Clarence’s ability to enjoy Clarence was incredible. By 69, he’d had a good run, because he’d already lived about 10 lives, 690 years in the life of an average man. Every night, in every place, the magic came flying out of C’s suitcase. As soon as success allowed, his dressing room would take on the same trappings as his hotel room until a visit there was like a trip to a sovereign nation that had just struck huge oil reserves. “C” always knew how to live. Long before Prince was out of his diapers, an air of raunchy mysticism ruled in the Big Man’s world. I’d wander in from my dressing room, which contained several fine couches and some athletic lockers, and wonder what I was doing wrong! Somewhere along the way all of this was christened the Temple of Soul; and “C” presided smilingly over its secrets, and its pleasures. Being allowed admittance to the Temple’s wonders was a lovely thing.
As a young child my son Sam became enchanted with the Big Man… no surprise. To a child Clarence was a towering fairy tale figure, out of some very exotic storybook. He was a dreadlocked giant, with great hands and a deep mellifluous voice sugared with kindness and regard. And… to Sammy, who was just a little white boy, he was deeply and mysteriously black. In Sammy’s eyes, “C” must have appeared as all of the African continent, shot through with American cool, rolled into one welcoming and loving figure. So… Sammy decided to pass on my work shirts and became fascinated by Clarence’s suits and his royal robes. He declined a seat in dad’s van and opted for “C’s” stretch limousine, sitting by his side on the slow cruise to the show. He decided dinner in front of the hometown locker just wouldn’t do, and he’d saunter up the hall and disappear into the Temple of Soul.
Of course, also enchanted was Sam’s dad, from the first time I saw my pal striding out of the shadows of a half empty bar in Asbury Park, a path opening up before him; here comes my brother, here comes my sax man, my inspiration, my partner, my lifelong friend. Standing next to Clarence was like standing next to the baddest ass on the planet. You were proud, you were strong, you were excited and laughing with what might happen, with what together, you might be able to do. You felt like no matter what the day or the night brought, nothing was going to touch you. Clarence could be fragile but he also emanated power and safety, and in some funny way we became each other’s protectors; I think perhaps I protected “C” from a world where it still wasn’t so easy to be big and black. Racism was ever present and over the years together, we saw it. Clarence’s celebrity and size did not make him immune. I think perhaps “C” protected me from a world where it wasn’t always so easy to be an insecure, weird and skinny white boy either. But, standing together we were badass, on any given night, on our turf, some of the baddest asses on the planet. We were united, we were strong, we were righteous, we were unmovable, we were funny, we were corny as hell and as serious as death itself. And we were coming to your town to shake you and to wake you up. Together, we told an older, richer story about the possibilities of friendship that transcended those I’d written in my songs and in my music. Clarence carried it in his heart. It was a story where the Scooter and the Big Man not only busted the city in half, but we kicked ass and remade the city, shaping it into the kind of place where our friendship would not be such an anomaly. And that… that’s what I’m gonna miss. The chance to renew that vow and double down on that story on a nightly basis, because that is something, that is the thing that we did together… the two of us. Clarence was big, and he made me feel, and think, and love, and dream big. How big was the Big Man? Too fucking big to die. And that’s just the facts. You can put it on his grave stone, you can tattoo it over your heart. Accept it… it’s the New World.
Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die.
So, I’ll miss my friend, his sax, the force of nature his sound was, his glory, his foolishness, his accomplishments, his face, his hands, his humor, his skin, his noise, his confusion, his power, his peace. But his love and his story, the story that he gave me, that he whispered in my ear, that he allowed me to tell… and that he gave to you… is gonna carry on. I’m no mystic, but the undertow, the mystery and power of Clarence and my friendship leads me to believe we must have stood together in other, older times, along other rivers, in other cities, in other fields, doing our modest version of god’s work… work that’s still unfinished. So I won’t say goodbye to my brother, I’ll simply say, see you in the next life, further on up the road, where we will once again pick up that work, and get it done.
Big Man, thank you for your kindness, your strength, your dedication, your work, your story. Thanks for the miracle… and for letting a little white boy slip through the side door of the Temple of Soul.
I’m gonna leave you today with a quote from the Big Man himself, which he shared on the plane ride home from Buffalo, the last show of the last tour. As we celebrated in the front cabin congratulating one another and telling tales of the many epic shows, rocking nights and good times we’d shared, “C” sat quietly, taking it all in, then he raised his glass, smiled and said to all gathered, “This could be the start of something big.”
Love you, “C”.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear Tramps,

Today may seem a normal day but it is not for me. Today, May the 18th marks the anniversary of a very important moment in my life, a turning point. 3 years ago today Bruce and the E Street Band played in Barcelona. That was my 4th Bruce show considering that I had attended one of the Segger Sessions Tour back in 2006, one in the Magic Tour and the one they made the night before (17th May). Since that moment I had always considered myself a Springsteen fan but I would have never imagined how that show would change my life, for the better I mean. 

Obviously, the 18th of May I woke up really excited. The show I had seen last night was absolutely amazing and I could not wait to see the band together onstage again. I had to wake up really early because my family and I had a family lunch celebration. I couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant and arrive to the stadium. We had to change our “formal” clothes in the parking lots and put some clothes that would fit more the occasion. I was nervous. A lot of people had already arrived to the Estadi Olimpic and the stadium was filling fast. At that time I did not know what were the PIT bracelets /wristbands so I did not understand why some people were separated from the others. That may seem quite stupid but I was 14 years old and I was not in a social media site or anything similar so I was not aware of the queues.

Estadi Olimpic
Estadi Olimpic

Mum, dad, me and my sister


Anyway we were in the front row after the PIT fence and that was pretty amazing. We were talking with the guys around us about how great the night before show had been when suddenly the lights kind of went down and a melody started to sound. The E Street Band members started to appear, everybody was shouting and like a blessing a man called Bruce Springsteen reached the stage. He grabbed the microphone and shouted: “Hi Barcelona, hi Catalunya. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR ….” And an amazing, hilarious and electric version of Night started to sound. I was absolutely shocked!!


The concert continued with a magic set list full of gems, laughs and words spoken by Bruce in Catalan. What happened then it is difficult for me to explain because I can’t find the appropriate words. Bruce ended The Promised Land and then a sweet but raw, beautiful but sad and familiar but strange piano melody started to sound. Since the first note I was completely taken aback. I did not know what that melody was but I really felt it. I listened to the whole song without being able to quit my eyes from the stage. Everything around me was dark, however there was a magic blue light coming from Bruce’s voice and Roy’s piano. The sky was even darker than usual and the stars had a particular light that night. When I told what happened to me to a friend of mine he told me that maybe it was “that night, that night, the right night”.

DURING RACING (my mom took the picture)

I left the stadium speechless. The only thing I was able to do was smile. I knew something big had happened to me but I still didn’t know what. The following days passed good as always but one big thing changed. Then I had only one priority, find which was the song that made me feel that good in the show. I listened to the whole Springsteen discography and I finally found it. I stopped calling it the song after The Promised Land and I started calling it by its own name: Racing In The Street.

The most amazing thing about that song was not finding it. It was the good things that it made me discover. As I have told you before that night I thought I was a Bruce fan but I did not know most of the songs and lyrics. Thanks to Racing I started to listen to Bruce every day, I started to buy and read books about him. To sum up, I started to feel and love him. Till that moment my life did not have much sense, I was like a normal person but being able to enter in that Bruce world opened to me a whole new world in front of my eyes. It made me feel something special it made me feel that I was part of a big thing. I was an E Street Nation part.

Bruce has brought me the happiest days of my life and also has taught me a lot of things. He is not only a singer; he is a philosophy of life. And the more I discover about him the more I love him. Now I am completely a proud Bruce freak and I could not be happier about it.

As I have told you, Bruce is not only a singer and Racing is not only a song. Maybe if Bruce hadn’t played Racing In The Street that 18th of May of 2012 in Barcelona I would not have discovered the whole Bruce underworld (music, songs, feelings, wisdom and fabulous friends). Thanks to Bruce I now know a lot of marvelous people that share the same passion as me. So for me I owe everything I am today to one song, a song that drove me to the place I belonged my whole life but that I wasn’t able to find by myself. Thank you so much E Street Band, thank you so much Bruce and thank you so much Racing. Forever grateful. 

Picture from Kilkenny 2013

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Dear Tramps!!

It has been too much since we last saw bruce on tour! Almost 2 years for me! That's why I want to cheer you to post on twitter/Facebook/Instagram some of your past tour memories so as to keep the bruce fire burning! There are always sparks flying on E Street but sometimes we need to work together to make that spark become a flame! Bruce deserved a long vacation after those 3 years of energetic shows but we need each other so much! We love bruce and we can't wait to see him again soon so let's make a huge noise out there sharing our best memories with the tag #ComeBackBoss to keep the fire burning! :D

If you are not in any social net and want to post your memories write them down on the comments and I will post them if you want!!

I think that is all for today! See you again soon trampsšŸ˜„

I want to feel the Thunder Road love power soon! #ComeBackBoss