High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Dear Tramps,
sorry I haven't uploaded the blog in some days but I have been very bussy!!!! Hopefully I'm back on the net again!!!
Yesterday was the 9th birthday of the Devils and Dust album. That was a long time ago and nowadays this album is still very actual!
The song that gives the tittle to the album is amazing (as most of you know), those lyrics are stunning and the guitar moves the song to a higher level!!
Long Time Comin' is one of may favoutire of the album too!! It's a beautiful song and bruce should play it more often!!!!
But the song with the most dirty lyrics of the album is Reno!!! It's a funny song that always make me think about what did inspire Bruce to wrote it....

Do not doubt it and listen to that album now you will get on a fantastic trip through Bruce's music :)

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