High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Friday, July 18, 2014

New poll out

Dear Tramps!!!

After a long time, I've updated a new poll!!! This time you can vote which of the following songs that Bruce sometimes covers is your favourite!! If you don't know which song it is you can click the links you have at the end of the post to listen ans watch some videos of the covers!!! As you know you can vote on the survey you can see on the right of the page!! Hope you enjoy doing it!!!

Take care :)


Twist and Shout

Higher & higher

Seven Nights to Rock

Apollo Medley

Who will Stop The Rain?

Rockin' All Over The World

Hunter Of Invisible Game

Hi tramps!!!

A few days ago Bruce revealed the secret and we saw the Hunter Of Invisible Game short film. It was a 10 minute long film. The main character was played by Bruce, the hunter. I like so much to see Bruce doing some new different things. The landscapes with the sunset, the horses and that apocalypse atmosphere were great and i think that Bruce and Tom Thimmy did a great job with the sort film. You can see it here:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hunter Of The Invisible Game

Dear Tramps,
Yesterday Bruce revealed us the mistery of the "coming soon" message! As you can read on his website it will be a short film by Tom Zimmy and himself of the Hunger Of The Invisible Game song!

The funny thing is that yesterday at 17:14 I posted that message on twitter: @MargaridaBruce: Dear @springsteen, do you think is now soon enough to show us that "coming soon" thing? #curious #bruce

And just 30 minutes later Springsteen revealed the thing!! @springsteen: Coming July 9: Hunter Of Invisible Game. A short film by Thom Zimny and Bruce Springsteen.

It's just coincidence but in some way I felt that Bruce answered my tweet!!

That's all friends!! See you further on up the road :)