High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear Tramps,
today Bruce has played on Brisbane, Australia! In my opinion that show has been the most amazing in so many time. Despite he has played the "THE WILD, THE INNOCENT & THE E STREET SHUFFLE" album, the rest of the show has been absolutely amazing.
Songs like Save My Love, Sherry Darling or Fade away had appeard on the setlist. But it's not all, he strted the show with Staying Alive (Bee Gees) followed by Saint In The City, Does this bus stop at 82nd street?, Growin' Up and Spirit In The Night!!
As you can see, the show has had some memorable songs but can you imagine hearing Sandy, Incident, Rosie and New York City Serenade in the same show?¿
That's CRAZY, that's BRUCE, that's THE E STREET BAND  and the reason why we love them!!
For sure this show will be known as one of his best!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Dear Tramps,

yestarday Bruce announced that he is going to release a new album on the April 19th. It will only contain 4 songs and it will be called "Amercan Beauty"! Unfortunately it will only be released as a Vinyl, so we'll see what happen!!
By the way, have fun and enjoy this week!!

PS: Some rumours say that some violinists are moving to Australia to play with Bruce and Morello put on his twitter that he was learning something especial for Bisbane tomorrow nite. Will they play The Wild & Innocent Album, only New York City Serenade or they just want to add violins to The Hunter Of The Invisible?¿?¿?
Tomorrow all this questions will be answered, I supose and hope :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

New quiz

Dear tramps,
Here you have the link to the new quiz. This time is a true or false quiz.
Have fun!

New Tour Dates

Bruce has announced new US dates for april and may! You can check them on the Bruce Springsteen official site! www.brucespringsteen.net ! You can book now your flights or wait and see if bruce is going to announce som european dates!
Take care and stay tunned!

PS: I'm working on a new Bruce Quiz!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Lately I've forgot to upload a new poll every week but here you have one more:

What's your favourite Bruce song to hear while you are driving? You can vote now in the survey of the right!!!


Dear loyal readers,
The shows in South Africa have ended and now Bruce and the E Street Band are moving to Australia to rock the Perth Arena for the first time!
For the ones who where there, the second show in Cape Town was the best but if you don't believe them, remember that you can purchase the concerts audio in the Bruce Springsteen Offical Store site.

For now there aren't a lot of rumors of an Europe or USA tour so we have to wait and remember that till then..... TRAMPS LIKE US WE WERE BORN TO RUN