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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Dear tramps,

It is obvious that we all love Bruce, but I know we love everything about him: his music, his attitude, his character, his lyrics, his ideology and his way of living. For a musician it is not easy to achieve that from fans and that is what makes him big.

Since the beginning of his career Bruce has been telling us a specific story. As Jon Stewart said: “when you listen to Bruce you are not a loser, you are a character in an epic poem about losers.” He made us feel part of a big thing, part of a community, Bruce I mean, not Jon Stewart. And in that big nation, each and every mood is understood. If you are happy and full of joy you will always find a song to enjoy and if you are opposite, you will always find a song, an album or a Bruce period of life to relate to. I think that that is the key point. Bruce songs were written from the bottom of his heart, he put down in words what his soul was feeling and that’s why every song can be special in a specific situation. Personally, when I am feeling happy, powerful and excited for the future I love to listen to Rosie. When I am moved for what will happen next but I feel nostalgic about what I had lived I listen to Sandy and when I feel like giving up I listen to The Rising.

In a lot of moments of my life where I have to take a huge decision (lately I’ve had a few) I ask myself: “What would Bruce do here?” And I just have to press the “play” button and the answer comes fast.

“We can make it if we run”
“Blow away the dreams that tear you apart”
“Talk about a dream, try to make it real”
“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”
“Someday, we’ll get to that place where we really wanna go”
“I’m tougher than the rest”

Just a few words, just a melody or just a title track are enough to help you clear your mind. Don’t you listen to the sax solo of Jungleland and feel that every broken piece is brought back together? I do.

And this is where I wanna arrive today. Although there are a few stages where I do not listen a lot to Bruce’s music, he is always present. With Bruce I discovered music and with music I discovered a lot of artists. Thanks to Bruce I got into Billy Joel, Lou Reed, Southside, Elvis, Elton John and many other artists music. As I told in a previous blog post, thanks to Racing I discovered the whole Bruce world and thanks to Bruce I am discovering a lot of music. This is an unstoppable chain.

Bruce has taught me a lot of different and important lessons of live. Lessons of love, lessons of respect, lessons of forgiveness, lessons of friendship, lessons of fear, lessons of roots, lessons of carrying on… He is not just a musician; he is a friend, maybe my most precious one. Many times I do not dare to tell what is happening or what I am feeling and so I do to Bruce. Every time I put on a song I put it for a reason so in a weird way, Bruce knows all about me.

A few months ago I read a very interesting thing that Bruce once told in an interview (sorry, I do not remember which one). There he talked about life and about the importance of the way we live it. I know I am very young to start thinking about life but I guess that this is what happens when your idol is a 65 year old man! Then your perspective on life changes and you find beauty and happiness in little details that people around you do not see or share.
Well, Bruce compared our way of facing life as if we were inside a car. Our old ourselves will always stay in that car to remind us who we are and what have we achieved but at the same time new ourselves will come in that car. He pointed out that what was really important was “the our self” that was driving. Sometimes it is cool to let our young us drive as long as our old us is there to tell him the right direction.

What I want to tell you with that? I don’t know. It is just that I find awesome the way that Bruce is influencing me. Someone said that there are two days that are important in a person’s life: the day he/she is born and the day he/she discovers why. So I wanna thank you Bruce to give me my second important day.

Why I was born? I still don’t know, but there is one think I am completely sure about: I WAS BORN TO RUN!

After knowing that there is only one thing I can do: tie up the seatbelt and enjoy the rollercoaster that life is because the train of hope and dreams is about to strip. Welcome to heaven’s door.

Till we meet again, take care of yourselves!!!!

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