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Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear Tramps,

Today may seem a normal day but it is not for me. Today, May the 18th marks the anniversary of a very important moment in my life, a turning point. 3 years ago today Bruce and the E Street Band played in Barcelona. That was my 4th Bruce show considering that I had attended one of the Segger Sessions Tour back in 2006, one in the Magic Tour and the one they made the night before (17th May). Since that moment I had always considered myself a Springsteen fan but I would have never imagined how that show would change my life, for the better I mean. 

Obviously, the 18th of May I woke up really excited. The show I had seen last night was absolutely amazing and I could not wait to see the band together onstage again. I had to wake up really early because my family and I had a family lunch celebration. I couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant and arrive to the stadium. We had to change our “formal” clothes in the parking lots and put some clothes that would fit more the occasion. I was nervous. A lot of people had already arrived to the Estadi Olimpic and the stadium was filling fast. At that time I did not know what were the PIT bracelets /wristbands so I did not understand why some people were separated from the others. That may seem quite stupid but I was 14 years old and I was not in a social media site or anything similar so I was not aware of the queues.

Estadi Olimpic
Estadi Olimpic

Mum, dad, me and my sister


Anyway we were in the front row after the PIT fence and that was pretty amazing. We were talking with the guys around us about how great the night before show had been when suddenly the lights kind of went down and a melody started to sound. The E Street Band members started to appear, everybody was shouting and like a blessing a man called Bruce Springsteen reached the stage. He grabbed the microphone and shouted: “Hi Barcelona, hi Catalunya. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR ….” And an amazing, hilarious and electric version of Night started to sound. I was absolutely shocked!!


The concert continued with a magic set list full of gems, laughs and words spoken by Bruce in Catalan. What happened then it is difficult for me to explain because I can’t find the appropriate words. Bruce ended The Promised Land and then a sweet but raw, beautiful but sad and familiar but strange piano melody started to sound. Since the first note I was completely taken aback. I did not know what that melody was but I really felt it. I listened to the whole song without being able to quit my eyes from the stage. Everything around me was dark, however there was a magic blue light coming from Bruce’s voice and Roy’s piano. The sky was even darker than usual and the stars had a particular light that night. When I told what happened to me to a friend of mine he told me that maybe it was “that night, that night, the right night”.

DURING RACING (my mom took the picture)

I left the stadium speechless. The only thing I was able to do was smile. I knew something big had happened to me but I still didn’t know what. The following days passed good as always but one big thing changed. Then I had only one priority, find which was the song that made me feel that good in the show. I listened to the whole Springsteen discography and I finally found it. I stopped calling it the song after The Promised Land and I started calling it by its own name: Racing In The Street.

The most amazing thing about that song was not finding it. It was the good things that it made me discover. As I have told you before that night I thought I was a Bruce fan but I did not know most of the songs and lyrics. Thanks to Racing I started to listen to Bruce every day, I started to buy and read books about him. To sum up, I started to feel and love him. Till that moment my life did not have much sense, I was like a normal person but being able to enter in that Bruce world opened to me a whole new world in front of my eyes. It made me feel something special it made me feel that I was part of a big thing. I was an E Street Nation part.

Bruce has brought me the happiest days of my life and also has taught me a lot of things. He is not only a singer; he is a philosophy of life. And the more I discover about him the more I love him. Now I am completely a proud Bruce freak and I could not be happier about it.

As I have told you, Bruce is not only a singer and Racing is not only a song. Maybe if Bruce hadn’t played Racing In The Street that 18th of May of 2012 in Barcelona I would not have discovered the whole Bruce underworld (music, songs, feelings, wisdom and fabulous friends). Thanks to Bruce I now know a lot of marvelous people that share the same passion as me. So for me I owe everything I am today to one song, a song that drove me to the place I belonged my whole life but that I wasn’t able to find by myself. Thank you so much E Street Band, thank you so much Bruce and thank you so much Racing. Forever grateful. 

Picture from Kilkenny 2013

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