High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Monday, March 2, 2015

Beloved tramps,

This afternoon I have been listening to a fantastic Bruce Springsteen
show. I know that many of you consider that the best shows were back
at 1978, and I agree, but there are some actual shows which are really
good, and today I want to talk you about a specific one. Bruce
Springsteen and The E Street Band live in Barcelona.
I keep that show as one of the bests for many reasons. First of all,
it was in Barcelona, very close to my hometown and that makes it seem
kind of more familiar to me. Another reason is that the Rising album
was the first Bruce and ESB album together since the Tunnel Of love
one of 1987. Seeing the whole band playing together onstage after so
many years and doing it as a result of the launching of a new
(brilliant) album always put a smile on my face. The band broke up was
very hard to assimilate to the fans and I think that the Rising album
and the following tour consolidated the definitive reunion of the
band. You may say that the consolidation was seen in the Reunion tour
in 1999 but I think that the rehearsal of a new album is what
closed/repaired that broke circle in 1990.
The Barcelona show was special for many reasons and although it was
similar to the other shows of the tour, I think that it sums up the
essence, the spirit of those nights.
The start with the Rising was what put the audience in alert that
something big was about to happen. The Sant Jordi pavilion almost
knocked down when the first notes of Prove It All Night started to
sound. After a super energetic version of Darkness on The Edge of
Town, beautiful versions of Empty Sky and You are missing liven up the
night. But then, after the silence of those songs, a very positive and
noisy version of Waiting on a Sunny Day made the spectators sing and
dance of happiness. When Badlands was played the audience went crazy
and we can see the whole floor jumping to the unison. It is really
amazing. The calm was brought back with the performance of Spirit In
the night (with the funny moment when Bruce forgot how to play the
piano part of the song) and the tender version, the special request of
Incident on 57th Street.
At that point, the band left the stage for a short pause and they came
back with an enormously powerful version of Night, a crazy performance
of Ramrod and a magic act of Born to Run where some people in the
audience even made a human tower. A heart- breaking version of My City
of Ruins followed the set list and then a very emotional performance
of Born In The USA that leaded us to an epic end. A full of hope Land
Of Hope and Dreams and a lovely, magical, perfect, indefatigable and
outrageous version of the forever Springsteen anthem THUNDER ROAD.
In my opinion it was a legendary show. I cannot add many more. These
are just words but to see/feel what really happened that night all you
have to do is see or relive that show again because as Bruce said in a
recent album: “you just know it when you feel it”. So that is all
friends. This is all I wanted to say today!!!
Oh, almost forgot it. Till we meet again, take care of yourselves and
remember that we were born to run!!!!!

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