High Hopes: A New Studio Album

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

High Hopes, Jimmy Fallon and US tour dates!

Hello dear Tramps,

First of all I wanna wish you a very happy 2014 full of Bruce and music.

Finally it's January 14th and the HIGH HOPES album is now available in all music stores. The CD deluxe edition goes with a DVD of the Hyde Park 2013 show. It includes the part of the gig where Bruce plays the full Born In The U.S.A album!!!

Personally, I think that the album is a very great one because there are many songs very touching and new melodies or instruments that we may not listened before but that they are great and I understand what Bruce saiy when he say that they shoud have been published.

Without listened to it properly, I can say to you that my favourites are:

Today Bruce is going to appear in the Jimmy Fallon Late Night show so we will see what he is going to do!!

And for the hotel bookin', plane takin', train ridin'... all I have to say is that Bruce has just announced that he is going to play in New Orleans on the 3rd May on 2013  so let's start saving up!!!!!

Well dear E STREET NATION I think that's all so stay tunned because the rumour of more US dates is heading up!!!

Here you have the videos of the two Bruce appereances in the Late night with Jimmy fallon!

Born In The U.S.A and Born To Run era!!

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