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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Born To Run

Today, 25th of August is the 38th anniversary of the fabulous album Born To Run. This album is maybe the best rock & roll album by Bruce. In my opinion, this record contais all the essential issues about life.

 The music that contains back us to a place where everything can happen, where dreams can be realised and back us into a place called the promised land where all can happen in a beautiful summer night.

 The song that explain us that the record is an invitation to that place, is Thunder Road, in that song all of our life expectatives are explained and told us that the only way to be happy and yo feel free is to pull out of all the things and people that don't allow us to realised.

 The song that told us how important is the friendship in our way to catch the happiness we want are Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and Backstreets. The fist song is more positive telling us that everybody can get a second chance but Backstreets told us the same story with the rage and impotence of a person that has been lie by a friend.

  She's The One and Night are both songs about how to have a good time. She's The One descibe us all about love and Night is about a boy who only want to live his own life.

 The climax of the album comes with a tender version of Meeting Across The River and Jungleland. This two masterpieces talk about what happened in the streets of a town in danger.

But the song that have all the things that I told in only 4 minutes and 31 seconds, is Born To Run. That record contains all of the essential things, break the dogmas and create a new place where everybody can go. This song is a tender, lullaby, rocker, soft and lovely declaration of freedom.

If you haven't heard the whole Born To Run record in many time, today is a perfect day to do it and to revive those experiences. And if you are a lucky person and you have the 30th anniversay edition of the record, watch it today.

Because...( sorry, but I have to say it) TRAMPS LIKE US BABY WE WERE BORN TO RUN

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